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Dr. Blanca Bernal is an ecosystem services analyst and biogeochemist. Inspired by the concepts of ecological engineering and ecosystem services, Blanca did a master's and doctorate in the US investigating how tropical and temperate wetlands (eg. marshes, riparian forests, or mangroves) mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon and improve water quality of hydrographic basins. During her post-doctorate at the Smithsonian Center for Environmental Research, she delved into the biogeochemical aspects of carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands, and its application to mitigation and adaptation strategies to climate change.

Today she works at Winrock International (Washington DC) applying scientific concepts and advances to practical sustainable development strategies around the world. Her work focuses on providing technical support to governments, companies, and organizations in climate change mitigation and resilience, as well as in the sustainable use and management of natural resources, creating tools and methodologies that help decision making based on science. Blanca believes in the ability of communities to change society, and wants to inspire present and future generations to promote a more just, conscious, and sustainable world.

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