The founders of Ellas Lideran met through the international leadership program Homeward Bound . Homeward Bound is a leadership training program for women with scientific or technological backgrounds that annually selects 100 women worldwide with the objective of building in 10 years a global network of 1,000 women in science and technology to increase their influence and impact on creating a sustainable future.

Its faculty include Christiana Figueres (architect of the Paris Agreement), Sylvia Earle (oceanographer and marine explorer), Jane Goodall (primatologist and environmental advocate) and Musimbi Kanyoro (leader of the Global Fund for Women).

The program culminates in a three-week expedition to Antarctica to raise collective awareness about the urgency of acting in the face of the climate crisis by visiting one of the most iconic and fragile places on the planet, as well as an example of international cooperation.

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