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Dr. Laura García Ibáñez, originally from Navarrete (La Rioja), has a doctorate in Immunology from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) and has research experience in hematological cancers during her postdoctoral period at Columbia University (NY, USA). In 2019, she left academia and moved to Brussels to work at the Directorate for Research and Innovation at the European Commission. Since July 2020 she has been responsible for projects in the Unit "Combating diseases", where she contributes to the advancement of research policies related to cancer and manages Horizon 2020 projects.


Over the years she has worked with different associations and organizations that promote the role of women in science in society, such as 500 Women Scientists in the New York chapter and the Association of Spanish Scientists in the USA in New York (ECUSA -NY). As an immunologist, she is very committed to fighting the rise of anti-science policies, such as the anti-vaccine movements. Her objective is to be able to communicate science in an understandable and accessible way, making science inclusive and achievable for all. With #EllasEducan she has participated as an author in the creation of the children's book "The Secret Life of Viruses".

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